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Advanced Driving

Advanced Driving

Advanced Driving (or Defensive Driving) has many advantages, the main one of course being that it makes people better, safer drivers. Offshoot benefits of this include reduced motoring costs due to reducing car insurance premiums and, cheaper maintenance because as an Advanced Driver, your usage of the brakes, clutch, and gears will be much more smooth and in Sync with the car, and the road.

For some people taking an Advanced Driving Course will speed you up, for others it will slow you down. It will teach you how to better assess risk and to determine what is and is not an appropriate speed for any given situation. Many people drive at 40mph in 30's. Most of the time, given traffic density and hazards the speed would be wholly inappropriate.

Of course as an example, driving past a school at 30mph at 3.30pm the speed would also not be appropriate. In the same view, many people also drive at 40mph in a 60mph limit. In many instances the 60mph limit could well be very appropriate given visibility, weather and road conditions. But still many people stay at 40mph, holding others up when there is no need to.

Any Advanced Driving Course will show you the ‘RoadCraft’ way of dealing with hazards as well as gaining more progress. It will give you confidence to enjoy your driving in fact advanced Driving, when used properly will make you drive more safely.

To find out more on becoming an Advanced Driver contact:

Contact: Ivan McStea, Belfast Co-ordinator, IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists)
Phone: 028 9070 1974 Email:

Contact: ROSA at
And book your advanced test online

Other courses open to young drivers are Roadwise and PassPlus. Both of these schemes are linked to particular insurance companies who offer a reduced insurance rate to young drivers who complete the course.